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Memorina Group Narcissus

Is almost a year since I finished this painting. The project Heritage Irish Plants was a beautiful and interesting project, so glad I have been selected with my paintings with other amazing artists of the Irish Society of Botanical Artists.  I spent all spring painting daffodil last years and studying yellow colours. I was working in an organic farm when I finished the painting and I am glad it came out well.
Memorina is a group of quite similar but different clones of daffodils bred from a high altitude species N. primigenius from northern Spain. Because this specimen of the species was  first found by  Kathy Andersen from USA Brian Duncan named and labelled  it as N. primigenius var. andersenii. It is the smallest clone of the species that he have seen, so it was a prime parent to cross with N. poeticus in an effort to get some colour into miniature daffodils. People seem to like Memorina Group daffodils a lot, they create a nice clump of flowers that tend to increase.
The painting is s…

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