Saturday, 8 October 2016

Powerful nature

Here I am in Dublin, after a beautiful day in NCAD community garden, transplanting Kale and planting Garlic and beautiful flowers of Alliums that will be amazing next spring!
The journey in Nurney Farm, through the Organic Growers of Ireland apprentice scheme is coming to an end, is one of the most fulfilling experience I ever done in my life.
Being close to nature, so close to it, being told to talk to the plants (oh yes), respect the pests, work to make the soil alive and beautiful and raise some amazing beautiful, tasty and chemical free crops taught me a lot, not only about the plant world, indeed about myself, my deepest self.
I have been living on my own  for six month, it was hard at the start, painting along in the colds evenings of April... then coming to the summer with some hard work involving covering crops with biomash, fleece, lifting tires, building cages for tomatoes and making structures for beans... planting, sowing... lifting lots of crates... my old city lifestyle just dropped into the deepest corner of my memories, somewhere far, far away... where physical work and some new sexy muscle mass and respect for nature and living creatures raised spontanously to make me aware of some hidden world I never realized was there waiting for me.
Wednesday I am gonna have an exam in Production of Organic Growing... end of the season for me, in Nurney... but still working for them in the Market.
Deirdre tough me so much... has been such a good Master. I am very grateful for the tough times I experienced that made me learn what's like being in a farm and being independent.
Is like reaching waves in a stormy weather... hard to get behind the peak, paddle paddle to the right spot and then is such an amazing feeling to fly on the board and go smoothly at the surface of the deep sea...

Things are changing again, another turning point in my life, i am experiencing everything so powerfully that I just feel blessed by Nature all at once.

I love being here, beside my love, beside this shiny green plants and their powerful aura that teach us all the secrets of life. We just needed to be taught from the beginning that growing is such a healing remedy to be happy in life. I would have never encounter this if I didn't move to the magic Emerald Island,  where the energy is connecting all of us, the forces that connect me to agriculture here are stronger than ever and there must be a reason for it. Will see what that is...

Monday, 15 August 2016


Today the sun is shining like ever before.
The work I have been doing since 2015 is getting into shape, i feel fullfilled with hard work in the field and the few hours spent in Dublin managing the seeds list for the new Organic conversion for NCAD community garden.
I now look through the window while I am finishing off my last few flower greeting cards and I can admire the beautiful purple Mallow and the creamed yellow Marigold which is edible and I often add to some porridge in the morning or into a stir-fry from fresh courgettes and beetroot freshly harvested from the garden.
My life changed completely since I started to grow. Growing food is not only a way of feeding yourself but is a whole way of living day by day. The fact I don't need to go to Tesco anymore makes me feel rich inside... and believe me, the pocket feels good too.

On Saturday I was working at the Green Door Market for the second time. Knowing that the vegetable I sell are the one I sowed, planted and harvested is an amazing feeling. Costumers are surprised when I say I picked them and they kindly smile thinking that a skinny girl like me can do all that job lifting manure, soil, heavy vegetable boxes... but yes, this is what I do every day, and yes, giving to people these amazing crops knowing all the history behind is something special.
I believe we can be aware of what we eat and slowly change our lifestyle, giving each others time even if we work in the busiest city, having time for what people are slowly forgetting... the relationship with food changed so much last few decades that we need to bring it back to the origins.

For me painting nature and growing is a way of showing people what we have around, how we can co-create with nature in order to feel better, feel closer to each others sharing the energy that nature send us every single minute of our life.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Walking through Nature

Yesterday I finished work at 5 and i quickly changed myself to have a walk. There was a bit of sunshine and i didnt want to miss the beautiful day. So off i went on my feet. Aiming to collect my bike in Moyvalley. From the farm to the bike is circa 7km.
I took The Garden Awakening with me, an amazing book that came to my sight at the Bookshop in Claregaway Castle. I had my four paintings exhibited together with other amazing artists, and after the opening i went to the tiny bookshop at the castle and i got this amazing book by Mary Reynolds.
I walked 2 hours, stopping at a lawn to read my book. I walked all the way on my shoes, but from time to time i was taking them off walking bare feet on the fresh cut grass of some countryside houses. If you take off your shoes while walking you can feel some energy below. That may help you to feel better.
I dont now where i got all that energy but it was a magic evening. I just wanted to prove to myself that walking is real happiness.
There was nothing else than a straight road, fields with cows and nice houses on the side. Nobody was walking, few cars were driving.
When i arrived to the bike i decided to go to another village, 20 minutes cycling to go, around 8km and I went to get some food. On the way back it was getting late, I couldnt stop cycling, the smell of the fields and wild flowers were giving me the strenght to keep going and it felt like i could hear the Hearth breathing, as if the soil was giving his last breath out before recharging again in the night time.
Nature teach us to take big breaths, slowly walk into things without rushing.

We are inundated by the mainstream media with all the things we must have, must do and must be, including paying obsessive attention to out bodies and physical fitness, to achieve our statusas fully functioning members of a productive society.
Walking, especially ambling, restores balance. The benefits of walking are not about quantity, but about the quality of contact, the opening up of our natural senses, so often stifled by the digital age. Its about being alive to the moment without the obstruction of a health-and-safety notice, and about a return to our natural pace and rhythm

Jane MacNamee  (from Resurgence & Ecologist)

Paintings by ©Giulia Canevari 2016

Thursday, 30 June 2016

While the world is fighting for power

Sharing is the answer, sharing and growing together.
I am coming back after an evening of joyful contact with Nature. After two blue days trying to fight the lonelyness of the Irish countryside. This is the real Ireland, the gloomy country lifestyle you are facing when you are living on your own and working in an organic farm of co.Kildare.

Is now coming the fourth month, it flew until last Monday, when i started to get a bitter taste of reality: work hard, face your fear and keep going.
I finished painting two weeks ago and I cant move on another one. I need a break.
I am doing an apprentship in organic growing and spending time painting my plants, I am fully dedicated to plants and i cant let them go.

I have memories of my childwood when we used to go to Parco Lambro in Milan with my friends dad going barefoot, everybody was thinking he was mad. I was super excited.
Once i went wild in a field of grasses and i got all stung by nettles or who knows what and i was happy as never before.
This are the things in life that make me want to keep going. It can be hard work, it can be dead though to keep living here far away from my love ones, but i have to say, is the first time in my life that i feel i am grounded. Is not about money, is about the ground where we build roads on it, that we keep suffocating and hiding. Is like we have been hiding thousands of years away from the truth.

Today I was in a friends garden, after 5 hours of work in the farm, and i wasnt sick of it. I watered his plants, i picked redcurrants, never picked before, always found them in a ready pre packed boxe in Lidl because they are so cheap and now i have a full box of naturally grown red berries ready to be eaten, beautiful amazing strawberries, two courgettes and black kale all for free. I have my own Farmacy right there in the field, in the community garden, in my backgarden or my friend's polytunnel!
Sharing work with your friends, sharing the love for Nature, sharing the amazing fruit that Earth gives you...feels like finding the secret of humanity and happiness we all are looking for.

Dreams are made of sweat and tears, tears of happiness when coming at the end of the day looking at what you have done and seeing that all the effort was worth, that your cages for the tomatoes are up, the brassicaes are kept safe under the fleece and the peas are helped with wires and they will all grow straight and beautiful.

Same when you spend months trying your color chart for a Narcissus, getting the right yellows and then seeing the full piece of art hanging on the wall of some beautiful exhibition, high up with the most amazing artists of Ireland.

That work was worth, the journey we walked through was fullfilling our being and we shared our fruit.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Growing through drawing

Here I am sitting on a chair, in the farm house of Nurney Farm, where I started working three months ago on organic growing.
Thanks to my art studies and the passion for Botanical Art I discover the enjoyment of growing by looking at the plants while I was sketching them.
 Now i can feel the strenght building up day by day, not only inside me, as well in every flourishing plant in the field.
Knowing the plants through drawing is a good way of observing them. Knowing the plants through growing it gives you a full cycle observation of the plant. Once you know it, you can paint it more honestly and be loyal to them, portraying their most instinctive movements.

Since the end of 2015 I started to prepare myself for two exhibitions and one big project: Bloom Botanical and Floral Art Exhibition and "Rose" at Bobbio Castello in Fiore (Italy) and The Heritage Plants of Ireland, with the Irish Society of Botanical Artists and The Irish Garden Plant Society.

To now a bit more about I will send you to this link.

The 'Plandai Oidhreachta' project is continuing.  This is a joint project between the Irish Society of Botanical Artists and the Irish Garden Plant Society.   The artists are illustrating new garden plants which have been bred by Irish plantsmen and women.   Members of the Irish Garden Plant Society are writing text to accompany the paintings and the whole will be published in a book which will be released in November this year.   There will be an accompanying exhibition at the Botanic Gardens.   The book is available to pre order on the website of the Irish Society of Botanical Artists. 
(Thanks to Lynn Stringer for the text)


There will be another Botanical Art Exhibition at The Galway Garden Festival held in Claregalway on the 2nd and 3rd of July, I will show 4/5 paintings. 

To know more about me have a look at my facebook page Giulia Canevari Illustration and my website.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Giulia Canevari - projects towards eco art

"My art is mainly about plants and landscapes, using possibly plants-based colour on handmade, recycled paper. I enjoy using recycled or upcycled materials, to avoid the waste and use of chemicals.
I came to Ireland in 2012 and was inspired by the green spaces around me and the lovely bright colours of the flowers. Nature tell us more when we paint it, and I want to show the beauty and the soul of each plant I draw.
Plants are not still, but are moving all the time. I try to capture the movement of each plant I draw, to follow each seconds of life with my pencil.
I want to express thorough my art the passion I have for growing things. I love to get involved with local community garden projects and support their work though my art and gardening."
(my short statement included in Jaja studio's artist catalogue)