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love inspired by Ivy

Second day after Christmas.
Lots of emotion came out last few days, we learn from the past, for the present and the future.
If we would only trust, help each others, fight the fear we are all so tight with, fight the comfort zone and go beyond barriers to find love. Love is not made of two.
Is made of many, it get stronger when people are together, it spread out like an Ivy, without being poisonous.

Last painting I did was a commission of an "Hedera hibernica" for a very special person I have been working with, she taught me a lot. Strong woman who can deal with anything and taught me few things in life I needed to do. One is trusting yourself. The other is learn from others and make the best out of it.
Sometimes can be hard and harsh, is not easy to change, according to our common way of using our mind. Is hard dropping your ego down, listening and believing that others don't judge because of You, they just have their own experience and they project things on others, s…

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