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Zero Waste Festival

Today I sat on my studio ready to get things done and John, director from ABC Drumcondra followed me with a big pack for me. My new batch of greeting cards was waiting for me to get packed and start to be delivered to various clients and shops.

Since five years I have been working with nature, observing it, painting it and through the last 10 years since I got involved with Green Peace Italia and loved anything sustainable and recycled I decided to build my life around my firm ideals: waste less, buy less, eat well, grow my own, observe nature, listen to people and respect. Respect yourself, respect people, respect the planet. 

The change happened in Ireland. I changed 11 houses in 6 years I leaved here (not very cool), trying to avoid the crazy Irish rent system. I focused on botanical art, I learned how to cook vegetarian food to avoid the amount of CO2 produced by farming meat. I ate less fish, ate less meat. I avoided big chain of supermarket and learned how to grow my own food than…

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