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Corylus Avellana - Native Hazel

Yesterday was the third year for me to be part of the Botanical and Floral Art exhibition at Bloom in the Park. Is always so nice to be part of it. Is going to be on all weekend.

This year I have the pleasure to  be part of Botanical Art Worldwide, together with other Irish Botanical Artists.  A groundbreaking collaboration between botanical artists, organizations, and institutions worldwide, creating and exhibiting botanical artworks of native plants found in each participating country.


Hazel leaf are broad with a short tip, alternate and with toothed edges. The surface is hairy. The buds are brown in winter, turning green by early spring. The bark is light brown to grey and fairly smooth, but there are many regional variation of hazel.

Hazel is monoecious, meaning that both male and female flowers are found on the same tree. The male flowers, which appear before the leaves, are long yellow pendulous catkins. The female flowers are small and crimson and often missed wit…

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