Zero Waste Festival

Today I sat on my studio ready to get things done and John, director from ABC Drumcondra followed me with a big pack for me. My new batch of greeting cards was waiting for me to get packed and start to be delivered to various clients and shops.

Since five years I have been working with nature, observing it, painting it and through the last 10 years since I got involved with Green Peace Italia and loved anything sustainable and recycled I decided to build my life around my firm ideals: waste less, buy less, eat well, grow my own, observe nature, listen to people and respect. Respect yourself, respect people, respect the planet. 

The change happened in Ireland. I changed 11 houses in 6 years I leaved here (not very cool), trying to avoid the crazy Irish rent system. I focused on botanical art, I learned how to cook vegetarian food to avoid the amount of CO2 produced by farming meat. I ate less fish, ate less meat. I avoided big chain of supermarket and learned how to grow my own food thanks to the Organic Growers of Ireland, I stayed away from Pennys or H&M, I barely bough any clothes, which in Milan is quite impossible to do (and surely in Dublin too). I worked in an organic vegetable stall at the Green Door Market and helped little businesses to improve their image, to let the goodness of ethics be transparent through their brand design. I kept going with my own projects, painting plants, getting private commissions and create 100% recycled paper greeting cards made with vegetable inks and wrapped in bio-compostable sleeves. 

Today I discovered that Small Changes, the whole food shop just underneath my studio is hosting a Zero Waste Festival while I am counting my cards to sell in their shop. 
Zero waste is about reducing waste, preserving resources, living sustainably. Eliminating single use packaging, reusing, repairing, composting, getting back to more traditional habits, learning to make educated choices.

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Even if you leave in a big city... think. Think about how much waste is produced in a single minute of your life. I often keep a paper bag beside me and try to get only compostable waste in it, which is food waste or paper. So I can add it to my compost heap in my garden at home. A lot of the time is plastic... if they are bags or containers I try to use them as many times as I can to wrap handmade bread, paintbrushes, send packages by post, cover food... protect stuff from the rain while cycling. Is not always easy, but if you start thinking about it, it becomes automatic, is part of you, every day... and makes a massive difference. 

My love and I are supporting NCAD community garden which is feeding us most of the time, here is a beautiful interview where Martin and Fergal (MoyHill community farm)are speaking made by Fare Ireland. Another event I highly suggest is EAT:ITH, they promote a better way of eating and drinking, and they are organising amazing events all over Ireland. They will host a cook up dinner in NCAD community garden on the 14th of September. Please book online.

Thank you for all the warm comments on my Facebook page today.  Your support and kind words are badly needed. 
My new cards will be at the Dublin Food Coop this week and soon at the National Botanic Gardens, in the mean time you can still find the old ones.

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