Today the sun is shining like ever before.
The work I have been doing since 2015 is getting into shape, i feel fullfilled with hard work in the field and the few hours spent in Dublin managing the seeds list for the new Organic conversion for NCAD community garden.
I now look through the window while I am finishing off my last few flower greeting cards and I can admire the beautiful purple Mallow and the creamed yellow Marigold which is edible and I often add to some porridge in the morning or into a stir-fry from fresh courgettes and beetroot freshly harvested from the garden.
My life changed completely since I started to grow. Growing food is not only a way of feeding yourself but is a whole way of living day by day. The fact I don't need to go to Tesco anymore makes me feel rich inside... and believe me, the pocket feels good too.

On Saturday I was working at the Green Door Market for the second time. Knowing that the vegetable I sell are the one I sowed, planted and harvested is an amazing feeling. Costumers are surprised when I say I picked them and they kindly smile thinking that a skinny girl like me can do all that job lifting manure, soil, heavy vegetable boxes... but yes, this is what I do every day, and yes, giving to people these amazing crops knowing all the history behind is something special.
I believe we can be aware of what we eat and slowly change our lifestyle, giving each others time even if we work in the busiest city, having time for what people are slowly forgetting... the relationship with food changed so much last few decades that we need to bring it back to the origins.

For me painting nature and growing is a way of showing people what we have around, how we can co-create with nature in order to feel better, feel closer to each others sharing the energy that nature send us every single minute of our life.


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