Powerful nature

Here I am in Dublin, after a beautiful day in NCAD community garden, transplanting Kale and planting Garlic and beautiful flowers of Alliums that will be amazing next spring!
The journey in Nurney Farm, through the Organic Growers of Ireland apprentice scheme is coming to an end, is one of the most fulfilling experience I ever done in my life.
Being close to nature, so close to it, being told to talk to the plants (oh yes), respect the pests, work to make the soil alive and beautiful and raise some amazing beautiful, tasty and chemical free crops taught me a lot, not only about the plant world, indeed about myself, my deepest self.
I have been living on my own  for six month, it was hard at the start, painting along in the colds evenings of April... then coming to the summer with some hard work involving covering crops with biomash, fleece, lifting tires, building cages for tomatoes and making structures for beans... planting, sowing... lifting lots of crates... my old city lifestyle just dropped into the deepest corner of my memories, somewhere far, far away... where physical work and some new sexy muscle mass and respect for nature and living creatures raised spontanously to make me aware of some hidden world I never realized was there waiting for me.
Wednesday I am gonna have an exam in Production of Organic Growing... end of the season for me, in Nurney... but still working for them in the Market.
Deirdre tough me so much... has been such a good Master. I am very grateful for the tough times I experienced that made me learn what's like being in a farm and being independent.
Is like reaching waves in a stormy weather... hard to get behind the peak, paddle paddle to the right spot and then is such an amazing feeling to fly on the board and go smoothly at the surface of the deep sea...

Things are changing again, another turning point in my life, i am experiencing everything so powerfully that I just feel blessed by Nature all at once.

I love being here, beside my love, beside this shiny green plants and their powerful aura that teach us all the secrets of life. We just needed to be taught from the beginning that growing is such a healing remedy to be happy in life. I would have never encounter this if I didn't move to the magic Emerald Island,  where the energy is connecting all of us, the forces that connect me to agriculture here are stronger than ever and there must be a reason for it. Will see what that is...


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