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Markets for Christmas can be stressful, but the joy of meeting amazing people once you are there is worth!
Last few months I have been ending my work at the Green Door Market, I spent a year working there, meeting amazing souls, selling organic vegetables and listening to their stories. Is one of the best job I ever had. It was time for me to go, to get back to my art studio and work on few projects.

studio drumcondra Giulia canevari

My aim is to try to live with my art and growing trees, vegetables and beautiful garden plants...  this year we already planted good few trees in co. Clare, thanks to Future Forests (co. Cork).

All the paintings, cards and originals I am selling this year are going to help improving the biodiversity of our land, in Ireland. Wildlife, people and plants will benefit from it. We are going to create a paradise for biodiversity, improving the soil, creating soil with our homemade compost and using no dig method for plants and vegetables in areas where there is heavy soil and stones.

I have been watching Hazels all year around to portray them in one of my last painting "Corylus avellana" for the project Botanical Art Worldwide, a book will be published next year called Eirennach . All the well known botanical artists of Ireland painted an indigenous plant of their country.

Corylus avellana, Giulia canevari, watercolour, Dublin

Giulia canevari, hazel tree, corollas avellana, watercolour, botanical art

Another painting I have been working on is Eruca Vesicaria sativa, illustrated for the
Florilegium of the plants used in the Pharmacopoeia Londinensis of 1618, will be published by Dr Henry Oakeley on behalf of the Royal College of Physicians of London in 2018.

rocket painting, rocket salad, Giulia canevari, botanical art, botanical illustration, pharmacopoeia londinensis

sketch, Giulia canevari, botanical sketches, rocket, eruca vesicaria sativa

I grew this rocket myself, organically in my back garden. I followed all the stages of this delicious plant and I have been eating leaves and flowers, so spicy and tasty!



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