While the world is fighting for power

Sharing is the answer, sharing and growing together.
I am coming back after an evening of joyful contact with Nature. After two blue days trying to fight the lonelyness of the Irish countryside. This is the real Ireland, the gloomy country lifestyle you are facing when you are living on your own and working in an organic farm of co.Kildare.

Is now coming the fourth month, it flew until last Monday, when i started to get a bitter taste of reality: work hard, face your fear and keep going.
I finished painting two weeks ago and I cant move on another one. I need a break.
I am doing an apprentship in organic growing and spending time painting my plants, I am fully dedicated to plants and i cant let them go.

I have memories of my childwood when we used to go to Parco Lambro in Milan with my friends dad going barefoot, everybody was thinking he was mad. I was super excited.
Once i went wild in a field of grasses and i got all stung by nettles or who knows what and i was happy as never before.
This are the things in life that make me want to keep going. It can be hard work, it can be dead though to keep living here far away from my love ones, but i have to say, is the first time in my life that i feel i am grounded. Is not about money, is about the ground where we build roads on it, that we keep suffocating and hiding. Is like we have been hiding thousands of years away from the truth.

Today I was in a friends garden, after 5 hours of work in the farm, and i wasnt sick of it. I watered his plants, i picked redcurrants, never picked before, always found them in a ready pre packed boxe in Lidl because they are so cheap and now i have a full box of naturally grown red berries ready to be eaten, beautiful amazing strawberries, two courgettes and black kale all for free. I have my own Farmacy right there in the field, in the community garden, in my backgarden or my friend's polytunnel!
Sharing work with your friends, sharing the love for Nature, sharing the amazing fruit that Earth gives you...feels like finding the secret of humanity and happiness we all are looking for.

Dreams are made of sweat and tears, tears of happiness when coming at the end of the day looking at what you have done and seeing that all the effort was worth, that your cages for the tomatoes are up, the brassicaes are kept safe under the fleece and the peas are helped with wires and they will all grow straight and beautiful.

Same when you spend months trying your color chart for a Narcissus, getting the right yellows and then seeing the full piece of art hanging on the wall of some beautiful exhibition, high up with the most amazing artists of Ireland.

That work was worth, the journey we walked through was fullfilling our being and we shared our fruit.


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