Growing through drawing

Here I am sitting on a chair, in the farm house of Nurney Farm, where I started working three months ago on organic growing.
Thanks to my art studies and the passion for Botanical Art I discover the enjoyment of growing by looking at the plants while I was sketching them.
 Now i can feel the strenght building up day by day, not only inside me, as well in every flourishing plant in the field.
Knowing the plants through drawing is a good way of observing them. Knowing the plants through growing it gives you a full cycle observation of the plant. Once you know it, you can paint it more honestly and be loyal to them, portraying their most instinctive movements.

Since the end of 2015 I started to prepare myself for two exhibitions and one big project: Bloom Botanical and Floral Art Exhibition and "Rose" at Bobbio Castello in Fiore (Italy) and The Heritage Plants of Ireland, with the Irish Society of Botanical Artists and The Irish Garden Plant Society.

To now a bit more about I will send you to this link.

The 'Plandai Oidhreachta' project is continuing.  This is a joint project between the Irish Society of Botanical Artists and the Irish Garden Plant Society.   The artists are illustrating new garden plants which have been bred by Irish plantsmen and women.   Members of the Irish Garden Plant Society are writing text to accompany the paintings and the whole will be published in a book which will be released in November this year.   There will be an accompanying exhibition at the Botanic Gardens.   The book is available to pre order on the website of the Irish Society of Botanical Artists. 
(Thanks to Lynn Stringer for the text)


There will be another Botanical Art Exhibition at The Galway Garden Festival held in Claregalway on the 2nd and 3rd of July, I will show 4/5 paintings. 

To know more about me have a look at my facebook page Giulia Canevari Illustration and my website.


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