On the way to Claregalway!

This year was the first time for me to be at the Bloom in the park and the very first time to have submitted a botanical work for an exhibition. 

Having my "Iris bulbosa" at the Visitor Center in Phoenix Park for the Floral and Botanical art exhibition at Bloom was very important and I was very happy to be at the opening on Thursday the 28th seeing my painting hanging up between the most amazing botanical artist of Ireland and abroad. 
The Bloom is a good place where to get lost, it is like a big fun park for plants lovers, full of tempting tent where to spend all your money in... it is very overwhelming, plenty of people and a lovely garden expo.

My painting will be exhibited at the fourth annual Botanical Art Expo at Claregalway castle. It will be an exhibition of Irish botanical art featuring some of the top botanical artists in the country, including recent medal winners from the 2015 Floral and Botanical Art Exhibition at Bloom. Most of the paintings are for sale, along with a variety of cards and prints. 

Printed cards and my painting will be on sale at Claregalway Botanical Art Expo. Is now in its fourth year and has become an integral part of the annual Galway Garden Festival held at Claregalway Castle.

Here some of the stages I took to get to the final painting:

My Phalaenopsis and few other paintings went to the beautiful flower expo at Bobbio Castello in Fiore in Italy during the same weekend of the 30th of May.

It's a pity I wasn't there, the weather was fabulous and it was a very beautiful and warm atmosphere - I have to thank Emanuela Bussolati to have took care of my paintings and all the lovely people around.


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