Four elements

I woke up this morning at 5.30 in the woods of the north west of Ireland.
A new day and a whole new lifestyle is right now in front of me to get filled with self-care and positive thinking.
I had one of the best weekends ever after having left the experience in Grangegorman Community Collective which just ended on Friday morning. Gates are closed and no more community garden project. One of the last few things I did was removing some chocolate-mint from the ground, to save it in a pot, and I found a horse shoe. Was that a sign? Getting dirty with the soil and contemplate the plants is mind-filling.
I feel more than one thing ended last few days, but it still ended nicely and smoothly with some sort of magic. I felt like the four elements joined together to help me out in starting a new life.

Sligo was very windy on Friday and Saturday, the air was chilly and strong, I stayed for an hour sitting on the rocks, staring at the waves and sketching the landscape. The wind was to hard to be able to draw but I sat close to some shelter made of stones... and that helped me.
Saturday night I slept in the woods with a tent and I was looking at the fire cooking my dinner and warming up myself.

Yesterday I took my first lesson of surf and I couldn't believe how excited I was. I was like a little girl.
The sun was shining, the air was kind on me, not too windy, not too cold... and the water was warm enough for me to enjoy two hours of surfing (without getting Raynolds!).
I didn't have the time to think about anything and I realized how important is to get this feeling of being lost in the waves, falling down, get back and try again. Ride on the next one and get used to life and freedom.

Today I got in Lakeview Organic Farm.
I will get my hands into the soil and learn about gardening, drawing and painting some of Daphne's beautiful flowers. I don't know yet for how long i will stay here, but i am sure this will be a good treatment for my soul.
Loss in not always the end of the world... is rather a way of getting yourself back into places and focus more on yourself.
The soil will tell me how to ground myself, the waves told me how to live in the moment and keep going, the wind taught me how to let things go... and the fire kept me focused and warm and still is burning inside me.


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