Giulia Canevari - projects towards eco art

"My art is mainly about plants and landscapes, using possibly plants-based colour on handmade, recycled paper. I enjoy using recycled or upcycled materials, to avoid the waste and use of chemicals.
I came to Ireland in 2012 and was inspired by the green spaces around me and the lovely bright colours of the flowers. Nature tell us more when we paint it, and I want to show the beauty and the soul of each plant I draw.
Plants are not still, but are moving all the time. I try to capture the movement of each plant I draw, to follow each seconds of life with my pencil.
I want to express thorough my art the passion I have for growing things. I love to get involved with local community garden projects and support their work though my art and gardening."
(my short statement included in Jaja studio's artist catalogue)


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