Bloom festival is starting soon!

I am sitting here in the house I am living in at the moment, living day by day every single minute to enjoy the beauty of the NOW.
Last few months have been very intense, I have been working on few paintings for the Bloom exhibition and for Bobbio Castello in fiore exhibition. They will both be at the end on May and I would love to have a clone to be in Italy to follow my exhibition.

I was waking up every morning with the sunshine sketching and painting with the flowers in front of me, taking picture to record every single moment of life of the plant. I love studying plants, following their little movements every second you draw a plant and feel them breathing.

I met lovely people last month, I supported the community collective in Grangegorman to see the amazing events and works they did in the garden and I never seen a community of people working so hard for their beliefs. But I must not talk about this now, hopefully the project will keep going and a urban garden will be developed.
I have visited NCAD Urban Garden sketching some chives and other beautiful plants, Martin and Tony are amazing workers and I admire them for what they did. You can find some information on Martins website:
There are plenty of information about ethical lifestyle and urban gardening.

Bloom is starting. Today I delivered my painting and greeting cards. The day was perfect to enjoy the sunshine at the cafè in front of the visitor centre.
Is my first time at Bloom exhibition and I am thrilled to meet all the artist involved.

I have been at the Schoolhouse of Art in Ennyskerry with Yanny Petters, she is an amazing watercolour artist, she loves painting wild plants, weeds and showing the beauty of simplicity in nature. I love to go to Ennyskerry every Monday to enjoy a bit of painting, I dont usually follow the botanical rules while i am there, I just go with the flow and sketch with paint, trying to get the essence of a flower or a leaf.

Please come and visit the exhibition on Thursday 28th of May, at the Bloom Festival.

Print out this flyer to come and visit Bloom exhibition for FREE


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