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Following the steps of NCAD Community Garden

(picture taken by Martin Obst I have been following the steps of NCAD Community Garden since three years ago, when I ended up there picking some tasty vegetables for me and my friends, introduced to the charming humble gardener's hands of Martin Obst. Tony and Martin have been the staples of this Community Garden and this has to be remembered. Between works hours and life Martin was always on the shovel helping Tony early in the morning and in the evening. Four years of work, consciously connecting to the soil, building compost, making that compost flourish with the most amazing, tasty vegetables, carefully chosen by Martin and his contact with the National Botanic Gardens, gathering seeds and tips for growing. I want to mention this because the Garden seems to be dying slowly. People are moving on in their lives, I no longer live there to be part of it, but my heart is connected with it. Thanks to the amazing proactive heart of Amanda McKnight the

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